I hide in shadows

My clothes mask the shame and emptiness I feel Inside

My voice covers my pain and my face seals out the darkness

And thoughts souring through my mind.


But it is my eyes,

My eyes you say, can give me away

They can tell you all the thoughts that I try so hard to conceal

They show you the doubt and tell you the truth,

And so you hate them.


You hate the only part of the real me,

The the me that lies under the clothes, the makeup, the skin.

You hate the hidden me, and for that reson, I have to let you go


You said "why?", but you already knew

The last thing I said to you was, "I'm sorry."

I am sorry that I could not hide my true self well enough for you,

And part of me is still visible.


And as I walk away from you standing there, speachless

I have to smile.

But it was when I smiled, did I feel like my face, my clothes, you, all just vanished.

Soon I know that I will crawl back to my shadows,

But for now, for once, I felt like I stepped into the light.

The End

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