This poem is about learning to accept yourself and being yourself. We are constantly evolving and changing. The only constant in life is you as everything around you can change instantly at any moment. However, the only thing you can change in life is yourself and the demands you place on your external environment and other people.

Each one of us carries a burden that affects us every moment.

It is when we drop this burden that we are forced to face this monster.

This confrontation may prove too fearful which is why most people don't unload their burden.

It is up to each one of us to say "enough is enough" and to just let go.

To let go of the negativity, our false stories, our social narratives, our identities, and ourselves.

Because when we let go of ourselves we find who we truly are.

What's left is a shadow, our past self that lingers around, waiting to be let go once more.

The End

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