Shadow Games

This poem is based of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show and card game. So if you have never seen it or heard of it you probably will not like this poem. Specifically, this poem is about Marik, a villian in the show.

Welcome to the Shadow Games,
They're equivalent to Hell.
But once I'm done with you,
You won't have your soul to sell.

The winner will know glory,
While the loser gives up their soul.
So I'm prepared to tell the story,
Of how you lost this duel.

You cannot match the power,
Of my Millennium Rod.
And I'm laughing as you cower,
Because I have the strength of Gods.

You now know what it means,
To meet true evil, Pharaoh.
Your eyes no longer gleam.
Your powers seem so narrow.

All your cards I'll crush,
And you won't believe what you saw.
I'll turn your monsters to mush,
With my Winged Dragon of Ra!

Your only card of worth,
Is your dragon of the sky,
But I'll turn it to dirt,
 So now prepare to die.

What you don't understand,
Is that I relish in my sins,
And with this power at my command,
Let the Shadow Game begin!

The End

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