Shadow Children

In the world, there are the children of the light, the children of the dark and the shadow children. The lights get attention, the darks choose not to and the shadow yearn for it.

Have you ever meet a shadow child?

Of course you have, they are everywhere,

/but people never seem to remember them.

The shadow children live among us,

You feel their presence but don't recall.

You choose not to remember them, why?

Because they are not noteworthy enough.

The shadow children are never first.

Attention is not given to the shadow realm.

From the dark, the children watch

As others are rewarded for achievements.

The shadow children work hard in silence,

Earning no deserved merit from society.

Studious and hardworking are the shadow children.

The shadow children are bred on perfection,

Striving all their miserable lives to achieve it.

Silently, they envy the children of the light.

The shadow children crave to be loved,

But they are the orphans of society.

If you know me, you will soon forget me

For I am a shadow child.

The End

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