Shades of Red


Adorning the winged-bird's bosom

Lathered on lips like war paint

Creeping onto the cheeks of the timid

Put it on your feet and

it will take you home

Put it into the sea and

see your people set free

Surging through veins

Pumping through strong

or broken hearts

Becoming survival

Drench the sheets in it and 

it makes you a woman

Give it proudly when you can and

it makes you a man

Marking failure on a lined piece of paper

Children born and children lost

Filling the space between lovers

Personifying wrath

Drink it from a glass and

it will intoxicate your being

Wear it for him at night and

watch love and lust burn bright

Cut me open and 

you will see it shifting within me

It is my plea 

When I beg you not to leave

Trace the ancient battle fields and 

you will find it embedded in the ground

Find it in the first cry, life's first sound

Love lost, love found

It is jazz

coming from a saxophone 

It is salsa

coming from a dancer's hips

It is life

breathing, writhing, beating

So I am vermillion and

you are burgundy

Our children will be scarlet and crimson

And we will breathe, writhe, and beat

And live in the carmine house

atop the ancient battlefields

And continue to begin and end in

Magnificent shades of red

The End

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