Shades of grey..

My advice to you is if you're with someone and you think you love them, hold on tight and don't let go...

Back into no communication,

My darkest days, no exaggeration,

You’re saying we can’t talk until June,

It’s early May now, and I’ll lose my mind soon.

The only thing that was getting me through,

Was daily conversation with you,

This pain should just be emotional, but it actually hurts,

I’ve had pain before, but this is worse;

It starts in my heart, and spreads through my veins,

It cuts me like the cruelest blade,

I want to cry, to cut, to scream,

It’s always there, like the sickest dream.

You and I go deep, we’re bound and connected,

If heartbreak is a disease, I’m fatally infected,

You are as important to me as water, as air,

Why does it hurt so much? It isn’t fair.

For as long as stars burn and the sun is bright,

For as long as day is day and night is night,

For as long as white is the colour of snow,

For as roses and forget-me-nots grow,

You will be every second beat of my heart,

You will be the end of every start,

If you’re around I know I’ll be alright

You are my life’s bright beacon of light,

Take it away and I’ll be in pitch black,

Once that part of me dies, I’ll never come back.

The End

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