Sexting by the neon light of my phone

What it would be like if I sexted someone...

Sexting by the neon light of my phone


Sexting by the neon light of my phone

My face taking on a ghostly cast

If you could only see me now

Characters reflecting on my body

My eyes peering between the lines

The whites of my eyes taking on the sheen of pearls

Shadows of my hands bouncing on the walls but never breaking through


There is just too much for me to say

The hours seem irrelevant

I argue that time is not linear, just to say

It’s really  morning glory

Or any other socially acceptable time for company

Our time should be cyclical

Measuring time with the passing of birds

A time of plenty, a time of feathers…

And you should be here!


Come into my darken apartment

Stop between two windows

Our shadows amber hued

Our eyes golden

And we must get closer to this heat

It’s human nature to be fascinated by fire…

After all the god’s kept it from us

But not tonight…

Never tonight….


Hold me, closer

I want feel your heart beat overlapping mine

Heart’s murmuring

Drowsy and intoxicated by the simplest of movements

Prefect for daydreamers like us

Always shifting wings to become a part of the sky


Breathe through me

As the sunlight becomes sepia

The mood so earthy and ripe

I feel so alive, so breathe through me

Inhale all of my past lives

And I’ll exhale all of my want

My expectations now all revolve around you

So let me inhale your essence

You may exhale your wants, your regrets, your faults

Or whatever else you see fit to give me

Just breathe through me

Until our lips move for themselves

Sentient beings quivering through and through


Kiss me

As eyes fight to remain closed

And all you see are my eyelashes fan and flutter away

Kiss me until we forget that we have legs

Let them sleep

And dream they can rustle and make music like crickets

And metaphors erupt from my lips

Every word becoming more insipid than the last

And still kiss me some more


Please touch me and

Remind me of fairytales, Cinderella slipping her feet into cool glass slippers

Dance me to the end of love

Dance with your finger tips

And a waltz drifts through my camisole

Making me forgot all of the words

Don’t stop even as I make them up

It’s now that I’ll give you my greatest truth


Inturn I will seek out yours

Confess through the nuances of your body

My hands can read through your concave spine


Sexting by the neon light of my phone

If you could only see me now…

The End

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