I'm proud of it! please tell me what you think!!! (and don't worry, its not too "mature")

I wake at sunrise to begin a day
In service of you, just as bare as the
Sandy beaches you promise for the end,
And bathe and clean every peak and valley
Of me, just as you command that I be;
Then, I slip on the lingerie you like,
Lacy, and push-up in service of you;
Then a thin white shirt, and a tiny skirt,
And cover my face, with eyeliner, blush,
Slip my feet into silver stilettos,
And my arms into the coat that shows me
Off, just the way you command me to do,
And put a belt on that shows the curves I
Got from fasting in your honor, and leave.
Then, at the end of the day, I am in
Your arms, your house, your bed, in praise of you,
As you slip off my day's work, one by one,
And I do as you say; in your service
I remain, as you consume my labor
And fastings' fruits, as you examine
The valleys I cleaned for you and I then
Pretend to be unthinking so that you
May better enjoy me and my body
And as you smile upon me, I lay still,
In hopes that you have accepted my life
And my body enough too raise me up
To heaven for all of eternity;
Please, take me; In your name I pray, Amen.

The End

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