sex in her violenceMature

obviously inspired by a song I take no credit from that song

Sex in her violence

She will drag at your skin

Make you feel the sexual tension

Every bite left bleeding leaves you needing more

You can spread her thighs and maker her beg

But it's only when you're on your knees cut and bleeding that she can see

Oh it's her sex this violence

Make her bleed and she can stay

Make her cum she will sway

But she needs this violence

Break her down make her burn

Push her, Shove her, break her please

Every bruise like a memory

Only fades when she stops

Fuck her down fuck her good

Make her bleed so she'll be yours for good

Yes she needs this sex with her violence

Even when she is ragged and panting

Don't leave her till she can't move

Make her shake when she stands

Make her cringe when she breaths

Oh she needs this sex as her violence

The End

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