Sex and Pumpkin PieMature

Fun, creations triggered by delicious Holiday aromas lol

You take off your boots and move into the warmth of the kitchen

There's a pie on the stove I've baked just for you

You smile when you see I've left out whip cream too

Our eyes meet, it's the exchange of a thousand words

The kitchen is a mess ,there's flour on my dress

It doesn't seem to bother you, and I don't care

You have the looks of a predator and move as close as you dare

Your mouth hungrily seeks pie and the whip cream piles

We're rabid and wild, our mouth foaming with whipped smiles

I'm not sure how it happened, suddenly on the table there's a tangle of limbs

….....A mess of pumpkin pie.

Your kisses taste like cinnamon your tongue is ever sly

You brush the flour off of my dress

The doorbell rings, to our distress

I struggle to regain my composure, as you open the door

We're greeted by carolers

You wink and I bite my lip to stifle a cry

In their oblivion you whisper “You look like sex and pumpkin pie.”

The End

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