Sewn Into Me

The reconfiguring of identity that takes place when two people come together as a couple.

I am equal to you

Am I equal to the task?

I am equal to the task

Am I equal to you?

Sometimes I can't even make the bed

Sometimes I claim to hear God

I want to speak for myself

I want to be spoken for

Do partners understand

the same truth?

It is clean

It is messy

It is the same room.

I want to be in control

I want to surrender to perfect truth.

I want self-sufficiency

I want to be held at night.

I seek simplicity

The simple truth

I want it to be the nose on my face

A single thread

Do we tangle our lifelines together in a snarl of unity?

Are the threads of equal

length and strength?

Must one choke the other?

Do we choke equally?

Somehow you have been

Sewn into me - we both

Held the needle

We are bound

but with one pull

the weave will unravel.

Am I equal to the task?

The End

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