Severance Of The Feel.Mature

That strange, familiar feeling is creeping back again.

Breathing upon the windows.

'Let me in...'

I can't help but see the world empty once more.

Every opportunity ceases to mean something.

So I crank out more words, extrapolate creation from my nothing

to feed my hungry soul.

Why can't I feel anymore?

Nothing but anger and regret fill the room

Drown, damn it drown!

All the lifeboats take us to a emptypromise land.

A land so full of emptypromise it practically dribbles out of the ears of the dumb to listen.

I judge them, an empty shell with no remorse, fuck the world!

Cannot hide from myself.

Cannot run.

Help me.

Throw the lifeline to the fate-stream,

My outstretched hand awaits

With my other clasping the knife. 

The End

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