I Am living outside of the prescribed time limit,

That society had set for me.

"Sad but true!" they said on the streets,

As the slit-wrist girl walked by.

They might say that it was sad but the truth is that they savoured it,

As if it was some kind of reward,

A new piece of gossip for them to distort into public torture,

Isolation sets like ice-solation.

"Oh, is she still alive, or has she finally cut deep enough?"

I am living outside of a prescribed time limit,

As if life was one long marathon,

With a time-limit that blurs and drags on infinitely,

Numerals etched in gravestones,

Set the timing,

While you all watch me kill myself,

Though it has less impact on you than a character dying,

In a book or graphic game,

Time runs low like medication,

Do you care?

Didn't think so.



The End

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