Goldfish: Dead In The Water.Mature

Your scales shine bright as burning amber,

Or a handful of polished gold coins.

Lidless eyes stare through the glass,

You swim in the spherical prison.

Like so many of us caught in an endless rat race,

You're happy to go nowhere at all.

Weeks pass, time melts like ice,

Burning amber fins are fading,

Dull, the last suicidal sliver of the setting sun.

A lonely, tortured, prisoner's life,

Of isolation and boredom,

Is drawing to a close.

The plastic plants and artificial shrubs,

Seem to wilt, as though they were once alive,

Water drags the green from each man-made leaf,

You, oh martyred Goldie,

Have little suffering left to endure.

Life ebbs from you slowly,

Your body lies limp,

Dead in the water.

The End

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