I Remind Him Of Who He Thinks He IsMature

Words so beautiful and dark,

Engraved to me,

But so many others have seen the same words,

You can't re-learn to trust and believe,

That everything you read is true,

I remind him of who he thinks he is,

But does he know who that is?

We are both lost in the depths of grace,

Tortured, beaten, outcasts of society,

A nation of clones,

Dark beneath the bright lights,

Who are you really?

And who does that make me?

Diverse beings knotted together by media,

Media and medication, anti-depressants,

That make them suicidal,

We remind each other,

Of who we think we are,

Do you mean what you say?

Or am I another,

Substitute worshipper?

To the stone gods and marble angels,

That you bring to life with your so-called soul,

If You die, I die,

If I die, You die,

Seem like a fair arrangment?

I remind him of who he thinks he is,



The End

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