Alternative Reality In The DarkMature

Darkness chases me through labyrinthine streets,

Dead to everyone,

Am I dead to you too?

Please don't say that I am.

A ghost living under the same roof,

A family who don't see me,

Poisoned by fantasy,

Bruised by reality,

Every drop of crimson fades to greyest grey,

Tinted black by dead realities,

Rotting in their graves of blood,

Veins running dry,

Like I am running scared,

Alternative lives parallel,

Crash down like blasphemed statues,

Of gods I don't believe in,

But I am forced to worship,

Until the planet dies,

And is swept away like dust or cobwebs,

All of us tangled in it like insect shells,

Dry corpses of what used to be.

Drugged and waiting to die,

The numbers carved into my wrists,

Just dry scars, don't bleed anymore,

There isn't a drop of blood left in the world,

So it is blown away like dust,

Ashes in the darkness of space.

The End

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