Loveless LustMature

Clear memories are stained with ink-dark lust,

So that judgement is clouded with dirt,

Much like my own once-shining reputation,

It was polished to silver like a trophy,

Now it is caked with soil,

Which stays resiliently, cannot be scraped away,

Cry and sigh and lie and die,

Lament over the tatters of my heart and soul,

Lead pencil smeared across cheap paper,

A suicide note that you don't care enough to read,

Tears run like watercolours,

The crystal-clear moments shatter,

In a cascade of droplets,

Scattered like beads of rain,

Threaded onto the glistening string of a spider's web,

You are the venomous spider,

Needle-fangs ready to tear me apart,

Again and again,

Torture me until I drop dead,

I was nothing more than a possession,

A toy to amuse a sick mind,

I was happy to meet your every command,

To let myself be torn down and then called inadequate,

Sinking into the soft walls of depression,

No longer am I a slave to your mind,

I loved you but I can't re-learn trust,

So I say goodbye to our world and our loveless lust.


The End

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