Unlovable MonsterMature

Twisted soul bows down to addiction,

Torn apart by hit after hit,

Another self-harm session lined up,

And line after line, I die a little more,

What the hell am I living for,

Sinner, labelled by society,

Of people who are the same dirt as me,

I am just the same unlovable monster,

As all the people I once loathed,

I've stooped below their lowly level,

Gone down an far as hell,

Just hotter, angrier, more suicidal,

Heart black-purple bruised,

All the cliche` and metaphor erased,

Worn out,

So that it is just a mechanically pulsating muscle,

Driven on too fast by everything,

That has been pumped into its bloodstream,

By needle point and all else,

Nothing else left to do,

Except take that last and fatal dose,

Wait for the death throes to pass, and die.


The End

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