Inhumane HumansMature

Live to die,

And cry and lie,

Kill for our pathetic thrill,

So many flaws and lawless laws,

So many zombified live T.V idols,

Why don't we all just kill ourselves,

If we want to save the planet,

We're the only ones destroying it,

And no commercial campaign's gonna stop that,

Greed laced with fake generosity,

And collection cans of pennies and coppers,

From the hands of thieves and murderers,

Why can't we be the dying breed?

Standing on the edge of extinction,

Like so many creatures who've done no wrong,

Inhumane humans,

We live to kill, we kill to live,

Sometimes we even kill ourselves,

Such a talented race we are,

We know our designated place,

In this complex and disgusting race.

The End

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