The Fighter SideMature

I Am Kathy,

Nothing less, nothing more,

I know no boundaries,

Relentless, revolting-rhyme continues,

If it stops, it's only trailing off,

Before its metamorphosis continues,

Devouring, deflowering the whiteness of the paper,

With its darkness, layers of emotion,

Tangled tendrils of fear and despair,

Soul-suicide to stain your heart,

With bruises and bloody crimson fingerprints,

I don't need to 'find myself',

She's right here,

Ready for a fight,

Like a cat, black claws are out,

I will kill to bring back to life,

The darkest mirrors of my persona,

Words flow through my veins like blood,

My 'Given-up' persona is euthanised,

My 'Fighter' side has been awoken.

The End

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