Children Of BloodlustMature

Children Of Bloodlust,

Rise from the depths of grace,

Morph from infants of bloodshed,

Become Children Of Bloodlust,

Shake away the rusty chains,

Tying you to your cross of dead beliefs,

Razored wrists and tear-stained faces,

Dark on the inside,

Stitched on the outside,

You will enforce my Law Of Suffering upon the people,

The People Of Paid Silence,

Silence paid by fear,

They will drop dead like shot doves,

If I say so,

You will strangle, beat and burn them,

Children Of Bloodlust, my Auxillaries of Frankenstein-beasts,

Bring to light, a million fires of wrath,

Hammer nails into a million coffins,

Bring an end to this commercial age,

Crash down into the eye of the apocalypse.

The End

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