Seventeen Days Of Dying

I lay in bed looking out the window, counting the little droplets that role down.

I'm not like other kids, I will never hang around town or role on the ground.

I will never lay my feet on a valley of wet grass or play the piano and have everyone clap.

There will never be the day where I pick out my white dress and watch as my father cries still looking his best.

There will never be a day where i will be able to say "Yes, I can play!"

I will never rost a marsh mellow all by myself or swing from a tree branch and not worrie about my health.

I will never brush my hair and feel it tickle my bear back or chew some gum and hear it go SLAP.

There will never be a day where I will blow out twenty candles or open a gift to find a dark red bike with golden handles.

I will never call a friend and say "See you tomorrow" and I will never rest in piece without bleeding out my sorrow.

I will never play ballet or feel mosquito's go bite.

I will never open a note saying "I love you" and I will never here him say goodnight.

I have seventeen days of dying, and five days ti'll i loose my sight.

So don't complain about doing homework when i'm lying here all night


i'll make it to the next day

-RavensPen (Riley)

The End

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