they say she is a Unicorn

don't try and consume her

for never will you ever really have her

don't try and catch her

for never will you be able to tame her


magically mystical

as is never really real

she smiles sitting on your windowsill

a gracious sight a swallow in morning light

to only fly again with no tomorrow


she'll love you fully

as if never any other

sharing all her beautiful colors

to only stay as long as the rainbow's tear


Oh Unicorn....

why always leave ?

running to dreams

where is away you need to go ?

do you see & meet yourself there ?

willing to let someone in

to love you back fair

to take your hand and show you care

hold you close without cage or key


Oh Unicorn...

why always afraid ?

to stay a while longer

where is it you long to be ?

could you not see & meet yourself here ?

willing to let your heart sink away

in the softness of true souls

sing along dancing to your present song

forgetting of all that seems to fall apart


Don't try to follow her

for all she wants

is to walk by your side

Don't try and win her over

for winning with you

is to her the ultimate prize

The End

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