Alter EgoMature

once I was told to have seven personalities
thus I decided to interview each one
i am please to introduce......
My Alter Ego

so we have these vices right,

drinking.. smoking weed

even random sex on a starry night,

so we fight with right and wrong

have another glass

roll a blunt and sing us a song,

after what might have been

the best orgasm

my lady parts have ever seen,

taking another drag

having another sip of wine,

in moderation I guess all is fine,

I say to myself while killing

the blunt

the thoughts of guilt mind filling,

I stand up swaying to the beat

floating with the euphemism

watching men clinging to their seat,

with feasty eyes I can't contain

my body seduce

making the room ache with lustful pain,

from a bottle from a cup

my lips red

as I say... whats-up,

He offers me a light

for my newly rolled vice,

oh how I savor the sight

of men weak but strong alright,

driven by her moon

higher and higher like a kite,

I pull him close to my face

brush the corner of his mouth

my lips leaving a vicious trace

of danger and fun,

as I walk away to find

the balance of the newly awakened sun,

leaving it all behind

to linger and take a breath

until my alter ego goes blind

The End

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