Seven Keys To A Maiden's Heart

Another little hint to the story I'm writing, consider this part 2 to Cathedral.

Her sighs come upon me like the only truth

Lighting my way and enlightening my youth

As we become lost through the night

In silence to a lullaby

Leaving our lust in our eyes

Hoping to reach paradise


Therein lies her beauty

I was loving, yet ever changing

I was different, yet the same

So I starve myself to love thee


The goddess crosses my path

And reads my epitaph written in my tears

Shadows cross to meet me here

In silent revered glimpses

I know

All souls she ensnares

Can only be freed by death!


Lust filled secret desires cascade our minds

In truth, her heart isn’t designed to be so divine

I hear her cries across the ocean seas


“Lose your heart to me

Oh loving one in distress

Free thy heart to see thy need

You are desired beyond your wildest dreams

All humanity needs a navigator

Needed to guide the lost through rough seas yet

Unchain yourself and save me.”


So lost in seas we cannot cross

We fight for medals we soon have lost

Seven keys hold a heart enchained

Never to love again

The sailor seems to lose his grip

Winds smash into the ship

The doubts shattered by his goddesses’ song

Seven keys hold her heart for ransom


“Come with me to see the signs

Held across a rusted heart

When the moon surrounds

The chosen ones”

The End

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