Set me free.

Teenage daughter, mother ... I don't have a daughter, so I can probably won't understand the anxiety behind this. But If I did, I am sure I would have been as paranoid as this mother. I can't blame either for not understanding. It's just one of those things that one has to experience. Its hard to be on either side.

My mother saw me talking with a boy
With that, her quiet world came to an end
my modesty was irreparably damaged
that no amount penance could ever mend

Yes, it was a obsequious "boy" - I know
but we engaged in harmless conversation
Would this consitute too large a crime
that would require an explanation?

I do have some sense of good and bad
although you think I'm often wrong
But I need to discover this on my own
even if takes me twice as long

There will be girls; there will be boys
that I might encounter along the way
lessons I learnt will forever remind me
the moment that I begin to stray

I appreciate the concern you have
After all, you only wish the best for me
But a little faith is all that I ask
Unbind me and set me free.

The End

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