Sestina #2

another sestina of mine

That unlucky night where poison

Filled our minds and made our hearts dance

With lack of control and such happiness

That hasn’t been seen in our eyes

For so long is now a mere memory

Which is slowly fading with time


My past is infecting me, time

Unable to fix the poison

That is my past, the memory

Of him fading from the happiness

With you, where your blue eyes

Seem cheerful enough to dance


When I’m near, dance

Being the only way to explain the happiness

We experience, almost like a poison

Slowly taking us until in time

It makes us weak, our eyes

Trying to remember every memory


Together. But alas, our happiness

Right now cannot be. Time

Has made my life a dance

Of waiting, knowing the poison

Of my emotion fills my eyes

As I desperately try to gain the memory


What happened? Your eyes

Read that it wasn’t a mistake. That the time

We had made your emotions dance

And your heart filled with happiness.

Despite the help of the poison

You still held the night as a precious memory.


Too fast though, you say, it isn’t time

For what we want to happen. Our happiness

Must wait and grow, forgetting the memory

Of that night for now, and our eyes

Must only see each other from a distance, no dance

May occur for now, especially with the poison.


In time, the memory

Of the night of poison will fade and our eyes

Will see the happiness again and dance.

The End

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