Sestina #1

a sestina

They first met in a park, rolling green

Meadows surrounding their picnic, a dog

Running free, being chased by his owner. The blue

Skies seemed endless. He smiled and handed her a box of chocolates.

She smiled and their time together seemed endless until rain,

Never forecasted that morning, their time cut short as they laughed and avoided puddles.


He was nervous, scuffing his foot into the chocolate

Rug in his house, looking back in her eyes, green

As spring grass. She laughed again, a sound like rain

Splashing and tickling a fellow puddle.

He took a breath and leaned forward, closed his blue

Eyes and finally kissed her with barking in the background from his yappy dog.


She sat curled up on the couch, their dog

Trying his best to comfort her, tears falling like rain

From her green

Eyes. She wasn’t sure what made them turn so blue

So sudden. He came back home and looked at her, puddles

Filling his eyes. In his hands was a box of chocolates.


They were both all smiles, the smile glinting in his blue

Eyes. It was their big day and her curly chocolate

Hair piled under her veil. A puddle-

Like pile of rose petals covered the green

Grass at their feet. His father joked and called him a dog-

Gone fool for getting married as the rice flew and fell like rain.


Years later, their little boy jumps in puddles,

His blue

Raincoat and galoshes protecting him from the rain.

The family’s dog,

Molly, a chocolate

Lab, tries desperately to keep up with the boy with the umbrella, so green.


Their house, so empty, with faded green

Curtains like her fading eyes and his blue

Ones so faded with age as well, vitality drained from them like dried-up puddles.

Her chocolate

Hair lost its shade. The two have doggedly

Avoided it, but their time had come and they let themselves go as clouds release rain.


In another world now that green-eyed girl laughs her sprinkling rain laugh,

Perhaps wearing a blue dress while his puddle eyes smile.

And as he hands her a box of chocolates, his dog barks in the background.


The End

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