Serpent Girl.

One and a half hours.
I was glued somewhere else.
I can recall this, my eyes were closed
Don't forget. Painful aftermath
Our future is outlined by our mistakes
And tonight I can look back.
If the future is set in stone,
Then you cut a new stone for me.

Become the teacher.

All I had is gone
Thieves.  Every one of them.


I've caught you know, haven't I?
But you won't open your eyes
If I realised then.
Your World would implode

I've cut your Heart open
And you hung my shame in the ears of the crowds

You don't know what I screamed
Serpent girl. 

Never touch me again
Only nightmares return to torment your bruised consciousness
I was the one to infect your thoughts.

You touch me again and I'll rip your throat out.
I'll claw out your eyes, I'll cut up your serpent tongue.

Never come near me again.

The End

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