this feather has been dipped in the blckness of my sorrows into which it cannot be cleaned for all eternity..indulge..the name is ment to be ironic because it means peace and calm(if you didnt figure it out :P)

Short steps into the darkness.

Detroyed is my soul when you set it a blaze. Misguided is my Consciencness. I wish you could reach out and hold my hand but as it were i mean nothing to you. I cant make you happy, i can't make you Proud, and i still cannot Satisfy your desire. What is there left for me to do.

 With out you i feel trapped placed in a cage design to have no escape.

 My wings?!

You've ripped them out so i can't liberate myself from your grip; so i cant free myself of your Demonic hold. This place could be a hell of eternity and i will never find my sweet Serenity..

The End

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