Pretty girl

With eyes like fire

Plagues the world

With her desire

An anger made for breeding death

All they did was turn their heads

With seraph wings of glowing ember

She burns the life that we remember

As flames climb high into the night

Those crimson eyes shine with delight

In the midst of all her plight

She helps the dead come back to life

Just a kiss upon her lips

The chilling touch of fingertips

Sends corruption through their veins

Slowly driving them insane

They envy us for our humanity

Blaming us for their calamity

Bloodlust caused by their insanity

They want us to feel their pain

We're living in the shadow of her guilt

As she murders the ones we love

Destroys the world we built

We save our prayers; no one's listening

Pretty girl

With silvern hair

Stuck in a whirl

Of hate and despair

Striking down any resistance

She's gonna end our existence

She lurks in the shadows

Only playing at night

Fearing all that's hallowed

And the sting of sunlight

Just one bite is all she needs

To make the world fall to its knees

She'll taste out blood

And then want more

Each drop is better than before

There is no escape until we take our last breath

We realize our mortality

Under the enforcement of her brutality

Taking away out reality

With her army of death

Only one can set things right

A reflection made to win the fight

The End

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