Daddy's BoxMature

I looked at Amy after tiptoeing back in
She was still fast asleep, so from under the bed I pulled out my bin
I opened it as quietly as I could, glancing at her just in case
I looked at the box, tied nicely with lace
Lifting off the lid, I breathed in my dad's scent
Already, my heart felt like it was being bent
I looked around my dad's old things
From his boots to his shirts, and even old rings
I grabbed the photo album and dried my eyes
I opened it up and stared, reading his writing through soft sighs
He knew I missed him, wherever he was
I felt his favourite shirt and pulled off a piece of fuzz
It was like he was there, sitting with me
I just wanted to feel him, holding in sobs, barely able to see
My eyes were leaking, and I let the tears fall
I remember when I was younger, I wanted to be like daddy; big, strong and tall.

The End

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