First and LastMature

The first thing I remember of that morning
Was the surge of excitement coursing through my veins
As I sprinted down the stairs
A single present was waiting at my place
I knew the rules; one present before school, all the rest later
Dad was sitting at his place, a steaming coffee on the corner of his mat
He caught me eyeing it and ruffled my hair, sliding it over to me
"You mean it?" I asked, looking him in the eye
"You're a man now," he chimed with a smirk. "Chug it dry."
I looked at the mug, staring at the brown liquid as it neared my mouth
I smacked my lips and set down the empty mug, patting my stomach
"Worth the wait?" my mother chortled as she brought over the Birthday Pancakes
I nodded and wiped my mouth, then remembered the present
"Wait!" I screeched, lifting it up. "Can I open it now?" 
Grinning, my parents nodded and exchanged a knowing glance
I shook it next to my ear, hearing not a single sound
Until the paper tore, ripping the tape clean off
I held a book...
"Open it," daddy instructed.
I did, and gasped. 
To our special man. We left the last blank, for your memories with your kids
Pictures littered the album, from when I was a baby to now
I beamed and set it down, announcing, "Let's eat!"
The chocolate chips stained my grinning teeth, but I didn't care
"Happy birthday," dad told me, pushing himself away from the table
He kissed my cheek and called me his Sport
I smiled and hugged him, wishing him a great day
"I will," he told me, then pecked mom on the lips

And was gone out the door.

The End

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