Sepia Toned-Happiness

I cannot cleanse the future, all that lies ahead is dirt
Blind from moral corruption, never knowing if there is any good left
All I treasure is past memories
Staring blankly through Sepia-Toned Happiness

I can remember smiling without hate, ignorant to what became my pain
Back then it was so simple, before social division took it's hold
Only remorse is my weakness, because
all I have left is Sepia-Toned Happiness

The closest thing to the past I have is the numbing of the senses
Summer was eternal, it lead the skies
Right in front of my eyes, but all I have is Autumn
I wither away to nothing in my Sepia-Toned Happiness

I tried to bring it all back, shield my eyes from what is blind
A life I could never understand was looking back at me with joy
As the last breath escapes me in my white mausoleum
I look to the past
In its Sepia-Toned Happiness

The End

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