Seperate from the Animals

It is so odd to me
How desperate we are to separate from the animals
When in our every part I see another being’s glance.

In our skin, the pattern calls of zebra stripes
Or perhaps, though plant, wood grain.
In our hair, tiny hairs that cover our bodies
I find similarity to the hairs on a dolphin.
Perhaps that is only me;
My hairs being fine and blond.

In the curling of our fingers I find primates, and
I have seen several people with the eyes of the cat.
Some are so lucky to have the neck of a swan
But others, the swan rests similarity in their nose, with the beak of him.

Hippos can be seen in some stomachs
The arse of a babboon on some that I’ve seen.
The long mane of a lion or horse
Is nothing to be ashamed of to me.

So, it is so odd to me
That we so wish to separate ourselves
When we are little more than animals
Who learned how to wish that we weren’t.

The End

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