Senior Year BluesMature

Sung to the tune of "The Company Store" (a.k.a "Sixteen Tons")

Umpteen tests, an' what d' ya get?

Not a whole lot, I'm willin' to bet.

Might get into a school that I can't afford,

I'll still owe my soul to the College Board.

*     *     *

Sixteen days, an' what d' ya get?

Half a month older, I'm so done with this shit.

Saint Peter might call me; though what's the use a' that?

I've spent so damn long on the Common App.

*     *     *

Twelve school years, an' what d' ya get?

All grown up, with a future of debt.

So much to do, and so little time,

So I guess I'd better finish this rhyme!

The End

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