Send Me Away

Send me away on the simplest craft
Stick me inside of a plain wooden box
Bury me deeply in worm-ridden earth
and leave me to lie until all turns to ash

Send me away wearing nothing but hair
Shameless and bare without clothing or care
Keep my possessions – I’ve no use for cash
Charon may charge, but he can’t send me back

Send me away without chemical veins
     Don’t embalm or preserve
     Let me pay back the worms.
Send me away with untampered remains
     Don’t emblaze or destroy;
I borrowed this flesh from the dust of the earth

Send me away when you can’t keep me here
Spare me the bedsores and half-hearted cheer
Life is a gift become curse without choice
begging for death in an unheeded voice

Send me away with my eyes open wide
staring toward sky from a grave left behind
Savoring sleep, not Elysian planes,
an afterlife promised or Paradise gained

The End

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