Selling Out

Joy- It fills me, pouring over,

running water getting closer.

You step in and crush my smile.

I built my empire and you cut it down,

just like every other time you come around.

Anger and sadness fill my heart.

Poisen fills the inside and infects my soul.

It leaves me empty and broken; lost and alone.

Take advantage of my weakness,

tear me to shreds and burn the pieces.

After all, this world is survival of the fittest.

Feed of my growing pain, you parasite.

I'll never be the same.

I'm just a piece of the puzzle,

another step in your plan,

a pawn, a clue,

your final move.

Stand up, you loser, you bottom feeder,

be a man.

You think I need you,

so I won't tell,

but for you, my friend, this isn't ending well.

You don't even know what this story's about.

Here's the end:

I'm selling out.

The End

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