It's from the viewpoint of two different people, one is the viewpoint of a person who expects nothing but pure, unrelenting devotion, without giving anything in return, and the second is about a friend trying to tell her what they're doing wrong

I want something more than love from you

I want every breath you breathe to be for me

I want your devotion endlessly

And I shall give you nothing in return


The conditions of love shall be met

You long for happiness but yet

Another failure consigned to the past

I want all of their heart as my own

None of them can last


I speak to friends long forgotten

But they scream and shout in horror

It's only because I know what I'm looking for

And my heart is never torn

Because I'm the only thing, they should ever ask for


Words written by friends long lost

I thought love was hearts bound as one

But they don't see the same things as me

They don't know the damage to my heart

The damage lovers have done


She's not looking for love

Only a lifeless corpse to possess

A puppet on strings to control

To rule, like a aged king, over souls


I am friend long forgotten

And I couldn't believe love was so conditional

I turned my feelings to a weapon of loathing

I'm tried of casting my love down a wishing well


I spoke words of some sorta logic

But minds, selfish, self-obsessed, failing to grasp

I fell for a sadistic heart once before

I will not fall in love with the trap anymore


Because love isn't sailing oceans for a lost cause

Walking endlessly for blind salvation

Hearts are not bound by eagle's claws

But melt and combine as one 

The End

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