random thoughts. i know, it's epic. :D it's like, the longest poem i've ever written...

can't you see my face?
don't you care?
like i'd tell you if something was wrong.

i'm continueing to hide it.
continue to build up
i cried today.
couldn't take it anymore.

it's all so overwhelming.
can't do anything right.
you say you're not trying to hurt me
when all we do is fight.


why don't you care anymore?
all anyone wants to do is yell.

so what now?

i feel like a monster.
i'm not allowed to be sad.
everytime i try,
you just get mad.

do i need justification?

a reason?
my wrists are burning.

i need you.
i want you.
i know you feel the same.
but i refuse to except it.

show weakness, you'll die.
even more. inside.

what now?

yesterday we were laughing
now i'm just asking God why.


why is it like this?
why is it so hard?
i want to express myself.
i don't know how anymore.


long story short,
i died.
too much.
too fast. 

now that i'm gone, 
don't cry.
don't you die. 
i needed you.
i use you.
i overused you.
now i'm gone.
i still care...

i think...

The End

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