Twisted and reptilian, ugliness poisoning me from the inside out,

I burn on a pyre of passionate hatred; raped by a desire for blood-drenched revenge.

My heart is an archive of insults and sins that you've poured unto my

Skin 'til the scars weep as hard as my eyes.


Daggers and sticks, a game of bullets and stones, and flesh and bone,

Verbal venom stains my skin, a cancerous coating of things that are best



The jewels of death glitter soft and

Poisonous on broken fingers, brittle nails and defensive wounds,

A rainfall of shattered secrets, memories with forked and bleeding

Tongues, a sparkle of fangs, the darkness devours all.


My dreams are empty, a hospital bed stripped down to its metal frame,

Where's hope? she died alone,

I walk life's cemetery without her, my guardian angel slowly fading,

Wings scabbed and tattered, raven black gives way to grey,

I'll cheat myself for one more day.


The End

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