Self Help

I saw a friend of mine cutting and had no idea how to help her...Something got her to stop it, but she's still in a sad situation...I only hope that when the time comes for her to make a choice, she picks the one that she wants...

Does it ever get easier, bearing the cold,
Moving against swift winds, strong, bold
Fighting for what you believe in, be it right or wrong
Because I’ve been losing far too long;

I see the cuts, bruises she tries to hide,
I see tear traces to prove that she cried
It breaks my heart to see her in pain,
But there’s nothing I can do, all my efforts in vain

I try to make her see how much she’s worth
But they have her convinced she’s nothing more than dirt
And I wish so bad that I could take her away
To a place where she can be free to do things her way

I need to see her happy, to see her knives, scissors, tools disappear
I need her to know she doesn’t need to live a life of fear
She should be able to do what she loves, love what she does,
Not stopped or restricted, just because;

Dictatorship comes in many forms,
Alphas at home, bullies at dorms
It doesn’t matter because they’re all the same
They play your life like it’s a game

But I know that even if she’s treated as just a pawn,
She’s going to seize her chance and one day be gone
Where will you be then, when she succeeds,
Without the life her money feeds?

You will be watching from the corner you were cast
As she lives each day with more joy than the last
Because good things come to those who deserve
A life in Elysium after the hell they served.

The End

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