Self Harm

A discussion about those who hurt so badly inside that they hurt themselves on the outside.

I see you cutting and scratching or scarring your skin,
Does the harming on the outside stop the pain within?
I see that you are hurting, and the pain runs deep
And I wonder if it eases your pain, does it help you sleep?
I am an observer, an outsider, I don't understand, but I care
Will it help or make things worse, if I ask you to share?
I am your mother, your father, your counselor, your friend
Will talking with someone who cares help the harming end?
I wonder if distracting yourself would help you to cope?
What about cutting oranges instead, or maybe jumping rope?
Would beating up an inanimate object or screaming at a wall
Get out the anger, the fear, the frustration, the shame, and all?
I'm helpless, I see what's happening, but I don't know what to do
In the end, as much as I want to help, it's all up to you
Try to put yourself in balance, and proceed on an even keel
You have to reach out, get some help and let yourself heal

The End

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