Self Consumption (Ballad of the Rose)

A solitary bud sits in a dimly lit cave.

The bud's only wish 

Is for the Sun to acknowledge it


But each day,

The Sun comes by only once

Without a passing glance

And shines upon the outside world


The bud yearns to be outside

With the Sun

It grows

But does so by feeding off itself

It consumes itself

To Breathe

To Live

Just with the hope of being with the Sun


Its only desire allows it to grow to no limits

The bud blooms into a beautiful rose

Determined to bathe in the radiance of the Sun

But still...

It feeds upon itself

To Breathe

To Live


The rose reaches its limit

It isn't satisfied

It is disappointed

It will never reach the meadow of sunlight


The rose finds a new light

A star in the night sky, apart from the rest

Yet the brightest it'd ever known

It had always been there

But the Rose

Had never noticed it

Until it gave up on the Sun

The rose takes in the light of the star

But as it does

The star reveals its true nature

And the shooting star flies away


Alone, the Rose


Consumes itself

To Breathe 

To Live

Yet unsatisfied

In the dimly lit cave

The End

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