whiskey sorrowsMature

It took half a bottle of whiskey,
three movies & one elevator scene
for me to fall into your hands, again.
& my hopes have skyrocketed beyond repair -
I can't talk myself down, this time.

So I've walked myself to the border
of past, present & future;
these moments climax at our downfall,
I don't hesitate to fall to my knees.
I study our mistakes & I hear you say

"Burn it down."

I'll send our misdemeanors to the existence of ashes,
set the remains to the wind,
stitch my heart back on my sleeve
& turn to face you.
I bet we'll fall in love, you know.

All it took was two years,
a few broken promises & trampled hearts;
we're back here, again & I swear
I won't make the same mistake twice.
So all that ice in your eyes, take my advice

& burn it down.

The End

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