"That's what you get
for falling again.
That's what you get
for letting him
rip you open.
Don't act so surprised,
it's happened a hundred times."

"Not like this,
no, not like this.
It's never been like this."

"Oh, so the way
you threw yourself
between his sheets
& tattooed his name
to your tongue
was any different?

Don't be so niave,
don't be so fucking niave."

"You just don't see
the way he..."

"Oh, I know.
It's the way
he feeds you lines;
it's the way
that you're in his eyes.
It's the way
that you fall to pieces
over him.
Spare me, just
spare me the diatribe.
This is what you get
for falling again."

"Laugh as if you knew
all along, but your tongue
is only this sharp
in hindsight.
Go ahead & throw my heart
back in my face.
But it's the way
he rips through me.
He's like a hurricane
in my skin & you're
just the destruction in his wake."

The End

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