Seize the Season

Happy holidays, everyone! :) Just a creative excercise about some of the most remarkable and memorable things about this time of year. Favorite winter/holiday memories, anyone?

The last of autumnal leaves have

Fallen, decayed into hibernating nourishment;

Green to gold to brown.

Nothing will penetrate or

Escape the earth’s wintry grasp

As flamboyant colors fade to grayscale hues.

Temperatures plummet and snowflakes

Flutter down, their frost-bite kisses bringing

Warmth into even the coldest of hearts.

Crawling numbness seeps into

Rosy cheeks and white smiles,

The ironic vertigo of being alive.

Revel in the fires dancing glow,

Melting away the bitter cold,

As it lights up the crimson presents

Underneath the Christmas tree;

Flickering amber that fills the

Room with light and shadows.

Pepper stars across the sky,

Snowflakes of the galaxies

But not quite as cold; cold like the color blue,

The azure clarity of a winter’s day.

The End

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