See, there's this boy

See, there's this boy.

I don't really know if you can consider him a boy because he is eighteen, but i do. He's one at heart though, he's a child.

He whines, loses his temper, has to get his way, and he's immature.

He loves attention. He loves to make people laugh and likes to be acknowledged, i can tell.

He's insecure, i can tell.

He has low self-esteem, he thinks it's recent but it is not. 

He used to walk the halls of his school and scope the gyms begging for attention with his tight shirt and his inviting smile. The attention was reassuring; he needed it.

He has these big brown eyes, big brown puppy-dog eyes, that happen to be unbearable to watch cry.

He has irresistible lips.

He's got a smile that could make any girl fall in love.. It sure as hell worked on me.

He's the type of guy you don't want to introduce to your friends because you know that if they got to know him, they'd fall just as hard as you did.

He's the type of guy who could make your day or completely break it, there was never an in-between. 

He has a way of making me feel like everything will eventually be okay.

He has a way of tucking every single worry or ruthless insecurity of mine into his pocket when he's holding me.

See, there's this amazing boy, who doesn't even see he is amazing, and then there's me.

The uncertainty of it all is what worries me. 

The uncertainty of what we have, what we feel.. It's a lot to deal with. 

I'm starting to think that this uncertainty is what it's all about, though.


It's what drives us.

Uncertainty leads to curiosity and curiosity is what truly makes us experiences unforgettable moments and feelings. Curiosity drives us straight past the border and customs of our comfort zone.

That's what i think; but if there was one thing that i was sure of, it would be the following:

I could spend forever being uncertain, as long as it remained about him.

The End

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