See Me

I've got some messed up feelings

And I don't know what to do

That's the reason I sat down

To write this rhyme to you.


I am as confused and sad

As it is possible to be

'Cos the boy I like (that’s you)

Won't even look at me.


How many times must I walk by

Before you look my way?

I hope you know turning your head

Won't make the problem go away.


So many times have I reached out

To make you catch my eye

You look away, that makes me think

Was all you said a lie?


Do you just want to hurt me?

Do you want to cause me pain?

'Cos when I try to speak you're gone

And I'm alone again.


Does what I say mean nothing?

What’s going on inside your head?

Why is reality so different?

From what you did and what you said?


I'm not asking you to love me

I'm not asking you to care

I'm just asking you to notice me

To see me when I'm there

The End

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