You see…

i have a real love

a love that hurts when they’re gone

that kind of love you can’t breathe without


and, you see…

I fell on accident

i didn’t mean for it to happen

i didn’t know the power she would hold over me

the feeling she would bring

the longing that now pulls in my chest


and, you see…

She feels it too

she loves me back

needs me and wants me just as much

she fell with me


and, you see…

she blames me

says i’m perfect

tells me i’m beautiful

describes each detail she loves about me

from “head to toe”


yet, you see...

this is all true about her

her eyes

her beauty

her “head to toe”

its all perfect


can’t you see…

i love her

and she loves me

so what’s the problem?


can’t you see…

we’re judged for who we are

we’re pushed aside

cast away

bullied and betrayed by friends

because of our love


Why don’t  you see…

the pain you bring

your words that are like swords

that get through our barriers

no matter how strong we build them


don’t you see!

the lives you’ve ruined before us

the lives you’ve stepped on

the lives you’ve taken


why won’t you see

that when you say we’re different

that you’re putting yourself down

i don’t want to be the same as you

all you do is hurt


won’t you see

you’re the reason for so much misery

you’re words are the things that push people to their breaking point  


because you see

you don’t see

you can’t see

you won’t see

all the damage you’ve done

all the things you’re words have broken


and still you refuse to see the world evolving around you

the choices people make

to act on, rather hide, their feelings

and you’re cruel and heartless

and you just keep going till everything and everyone who is different

ceases to exist


why don’t you see

why can’t you see

why won’t you see

the things you’re doing to me

the effects you have on my love

the fear you strike through us both

and the hatred thats aimed directly at you

please see…

The End

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